FESTICINI – 2nd INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL has the objective to conduct an international independent film festival seeking to enhance, incentive and promote the work of medium and small producers, awarding national and international audiovisual production, establishing fertile cultural exchange among these professionals, and encouraging future productions.


FESTICINI – 2nd INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL will take place in the town of Sumaré, state of São Paulo, Brazil, from September 16 to 30, 2016.
During the festival, FESTICINI will also promote a parallel independent film exhibition, in a non competitive way, with the films that were enrolled but not selected by the festival organizers.


Entries must have been completed between 2013 and 2016, with no limits of titles by director/producer

ATTENTION: For movies sent via Festhome, inscription will only be accepted after completing the same on the official FESTICINI website at www.festicini.com.br

There are no reistration fees.

ATTENTION: Foreign films must have Brazilian Portuguese subtitles, otherwise they’ll be automatically disqualified.

The following productions can compete:
a) Feature films (more than 60 minutes)
b) Medium-length films (more than 20 up to 60 minutes)
c) Short-films (up to 20 minutes)

NOTE: The complete time of the work is considering film + credits
Selected films may compete in up to 18 different categories.
Registration will be open between May 19 to July 23, 2016. Submissions file can be made online on www.festicini.com.br and sent along with the submitted films via Vimeo or Festhome. Submitted films must be in high resolution (for projection), this way the judging committee can evaluate technically and artistically the work. Otherwise, the movie will be disqualified.


FESTCINI’s organizers shall appoint a Judging Committee composed by professionals of various artistic and cultural sectors.

There will be first a pre-selection from the participant films that will be posted on FESTCINI’s website.

Awarded films will be presented September 30, 2016 during the award ceremony.


The Jury shall consist of 5 members appointed by the festival organizers and formed by professionals that are not in any way related to the entries.

The Commission’s decision is final and not subject to any resources.


Selected films will compete in the following 18 categories:

» Best feature film
» Best short-film fiction
» Best documentary
» Best medium-length film
» Best actor
» Best actress
» Best supporting actor
» Best supporting actress
» Best director
» Best film editing
» Best sound editing
» Best original score
» Best original screenplay
» Best adapted screenplay
» Best animation movie
» Best make up
» Best costume
» Best photography

NOTE: Selected films can be nominated in more than one category.


The trophies given will be manufactured especially for the Festival.

Winners of the above mentioned categories will be given the Festicini Independent Films Award.


Winners will be announced during the award ceremony of the FESTICINI - 2nd International Independent Film Festival.

Awarded producers or directors shall announce and publicize their FESTCINI awards in the press media, using the festival’s logo and enhancing the following sentence: Awarded in FESTCINI – 2nd International Independent Film Festival (Brazil).

The Festival’s logo should be requested by email: contato@festicini.com.br


» FESTCINI’s organizers can, at any moment, disqualify an enrolled film that does not comply with the regulatory requirements or that presents invalid (untrue) information. The owner of all film rights is solely responsible for the film information, and is therefore responsible for any legal implication.

» The entries are automatically allowed to be exhibited as part of FESTICINI programming either in the main event, disclosures and advertising or in separate exhibitions that may occur in the future.

» All participants concede FESTICINI organizers the right to show excerpts of selected films up to 3 minutes long in order to promote the festival in any type of media.

» FESTCINI organizers may request additional material from enrolled films.

» The responsible part declares, upon enrollment, that the film producer is the holder of all applicable rights to ensure its exhibition during FESTICINI and/or in any parallel independent, non-competitive exhibitions in the festival town.

» Material used in the submitted film, such as soundtracks and/or archive images cannot violate any copyright law or intellectual proprietary of third parties; the film subscriber is responsible for any eventual legal action or dispute that may arise during the film exhibition at FESTCINI.

» FESTICINI, its SPONSORS, SUPPORTERS and ORGANIZERS are not responsible for the film theme or content, being this responsibility left to the holder of the work in any legal occurrence.

» Enrolled films will not be returned, becoming part of FESTCINI’s archive.

» Enrolled films cannot be removed from FESTICINI under any circumstance and will be exhibited according to the Festival organizers.

ATTENTION: By sending the registration form the subscriber assumes the unconditional acceptance of the entirety of these regulations.

» Subjects not mentioned in these regulations shall be settled by FESTCINI organizers.

Contact: contato@festicini.com.br